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Curry Powder recipe

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curry powder Curry Powder recipeMake your own blend of curry powder to give dishes a bit of a kick.

Serves: Makes 25 dessertspoons
Preparation time: Minutes to mix
Cooking time: None


4 oz Turmeric
2 oz Cumin seed
2 oz Fenugreek
½ oz Mustard seed
1 oz Black peppercorns
8 oz Coriander seed
1 oz Poppy seed
1 oz Dry ginger
1 oz Dry chillies

Preparation: It’s a bit of a cheat, but the best way to make this recipe is to buy ground spices, some of the seeds, like coriander,
must be roasted before being ground as they contain a considerable amount of oil and, when bought ready for use, this part of the work has already been done, by experts, before the grinding.

Store in an airtight container, in the dark for up to six months.

PinExt Curry Powder recipe
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