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Roast Turkey recipe

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Roast Turkey by VirtualErn

No Christmas or Thanksgiving celebration is complete with a roast dinner and a turkey will ensure that there’s plenty of meat for everyone. Make sure to remember to remember all the trimmings!

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Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 3 hours +


1 turkey, about 14 lb oven-ready (6 kg)
6 oz softened butter (175 g)
½ lb very fat streaky bacon (225 g)
Salt and freshly-milled black pepper
1 quantity of stuffing
1 packet of extra wide foil


If you are cooking a frozen turkey make sure to start defrosting with plenty of time to go. Defrost in the fridge, if you need to speed things up put the turkey in a sink of cold water, making sure to change the water every half hour.

On the morning of the meal stuff the turkey in the neck end, between the skin and the breast. Any remaining stuffing can be placed in the body of the cavity but I like to put some in a ramekin or pyrex dish dotted with flecks of butter.

Lay two sheets of the extra wide turkey foil across your roasting tray and lay down the turkey on its back. Rub the softened butter all over the skin making sure to get full coverage. Next season with salt and pepper. Top off with the bacon covering as much of the skin as possible.

Fold up the foil to create a sealed tent over the turkey. Try to keep the foil from touching the top of the bird so that the steam can move around and keep the meat moist.

Place the baking tray in the oven at 425°F/220°C. For an 8-10lb turkey 30 mins. For a 15-20lb turkey 45 mins.

Lower the heat to 325°F/170°C for 2.5-3 hours (8-10lb) or 3-4 hours (15-20lb).

Tear away the foil and remove the bacon. Enjoy this delicious snack while the rest of the meal continues cooking! Test if the turkey is cooked, a skewer piercing the thickest part of the turkey should produce clear juices with no traces of pinkness. If it is not quite done turn up the heat to 400°F/200°C and continue cooking for another 30 minutes with bastings every 5-10 mins.

Once it is done leave the turkey covered for 15-30 minutes to allow it to soak back up some juices before carving. Provided it’s not in a draught it will stay hot for that length of time, and it will give you a chance to turn the heat up in the oven to crisp the roast potatoes.

PinExt Roast Turkey recipe
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