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Turkey Broth recipe

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A delicious and warming way to use up leftover roast turkey after Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Carcass of a 20lb Turkey, chopped up if possible and any leftover skin
Leftover gravy
Assorted vegetables (onions, carrots, leeks, swede, parsnip, potatoes etc.)
A couple of bay leaves
Half a dozen black peppercorns


Place the bones in a large pot (I use a 10 litre one).

Add any remaining roasting juices and gravy, and top up with cold water to cover the bones.

Bring to the boil, skimming, then add the bay leaves and peppercorns

Turn down to the lowest possible temperature and simmer for two to three hours, the surface should barely shimmer, bubbles breaking the surface gently.

Strain the stock off the bones, wipe any bits out of the pot, and return the stock to the pot.

Peel and chop the vegetables, (large chunks), and add to the stock, potatoes last.

Bring back to a simmer and turn off, the heat of the stock will cook the vegetables.

When the vegetables are just tender, dice the turkey meat and turn the heat on to bring the whole lot up to temperature and adjust the seasoning.

PinExt Turkey Broth recipe
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